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[MOVIE] Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

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hey, just quick update (?) again..
finally, this movie OUT!!!!
who miss Rihito??*okay, wrong*



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i'm really sorry, i can't split this file, i don't know why..
so, hope someone will make it and make mirror, maybe..
and really hope someone will sub this..
and please tell me if you know sub for this.
thank you.
enjoy ^_^
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Arashi's Hearts Index

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السلام عليكم ورحمه الله و بركاته

..هذي المدونه خاصه لترجمه برامج اراشي فقط
وبالنسبه للحلقات السابقه حذفناها فتره .. لان حاولنا نشيل الموسيقى  من الحلقة
..وللاسف ماقدرنا
..والتحكم بالصوت صعب نوعا ما
فاتمنى انكم تتعاونوا معانا .. وتقصرون على صوت الموسيقى في الحلقة
^^ونتقبل اقتراحاتكم وانتقاداتكم
"^^ لكن الدراما والافلام الي ترجمناها قبل ماراح نعيد رفعها !!  قومينيه
ومشاهده اراشيه ممتعه للجميع .. ق1

هنا تلقوا حلقاتنا الي ترجمناها سابقاً .. و الي سنترجمها ان شاء الله
شكراً لدعمكم لنا

هونتوني أريجاتوو تو يوروشكوونيه

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Arashi 24 Hours TV - Letters to their future self [subbed]

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This is what I am doing when wake up at 2.30 am and have nothing to do *well actually I have a lot of things to do like study but..well :| *
The quality is not the best.. LQ actually.
I'm sure that there will be anybody else that will sub this, even the full 24 Hours TV I think, but if you want to watch it with sub no matter what, you can try to watch this.

Letter 1

letter 2

Pass: letter24hrtv
File size: 38 MB
Duration: 04:29
RAW: pinappleforyou@youtube

Edit: I know I'm paranoid. But I can't stop worry about my MF account so I decided to upload it at filecloud to. You can download it from here too :)

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